Our online courses are offered virtually so you will be able to learn everything you need to start furniture painting business from the comfort of your home.

Here are the list of Courses which we currently offer;

FlexyWood and it’s application in home renovation  (5 day online workshop)

Introduction to FlexyWood  – The Bendable Wood Applique
How to apply  in Home Renovation Projects
What are the benefits of using FlexyWood in home renovation projects


Inspiration Boxes and Basic Furniture Painting  (5 day online workshop)

Introduction to Inspiration Box  – Perfect Gift for any beginner painter
(Inspiration Box will be sent to you FREE of cost so you are able to follow instructions in the workshop)
Why Furniture Painting ?
Why Primer and Base Coats ?
Introduction to Clay Mineral Paint
Furniture painting with Clay Mineral Paint
Wax or Poly based top coats – Pros and Cons


How to monetize your furniture painting hobby (5 day online workshop)

What is monetizing a hobby ?
Why do we should turn our hobby into a lucrative business ?
All about an Initial investment 
Logistics of sourcing the raw material (in this case old furniture)
What to keep an eye on when refinishing the old furniture?
How to price the finished piece?
What to keep in mind after a sale happens?
All about customer retention 


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