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Ideas That Will Convince You to Try the Trend

Furniture Paint The Hottest Trend

If you know what clay paint is, you probably have an opinion on the many clay paint ideas and uses. You might love clay paint for its ability to turn any thrifted piece of furniture into a shabby chic icon—or you might dislike clay paint for that very same reason. Hey, shabby chic isn’t for everyone. However, in this article we will see that clay paint is not only for shabby chic style, it is much more…

Clay paint extend far beyond the world of shabby chic décor and upcycled furniture. Clay paint can fit into a farmhouse kitchen and a modern bedroom alike. The many clay paint colors available made, achieving any look easy. The textured, lived-in look of clay paint, as opposed to the gloss or semi-gloss look of standard paints, gives kitchen cabinets, walls, furniture, and more, an extra interesting look. If you want your home to look a little different from your neighbors’ without spending hundreds of dollars, adding some clay paint might just do the trick.

Still, the fear of going too shabby chic (if that’s not your preferred look; shabby chic fans likely already know the many pros of using clay paint) may keep you from giving clay paint a real try, though these clay paint ideas might just change your mind.

Clay paint cabinet

It’s well known among the clay paint community that a coat of clay paint can dress up any cabinet, dresser, or chest of drawers. This particular specimen proves that a clay-painted cabinet doesn’t have to have to that distressed look, with fresh hardware and a modern French Linen paint job, the cabinet looks rather mod.



Boho sideboard

Small pieces of furniture like this one—with drawers and a flat surface for keys, decorative items, books, and more—are dynamic pieces that can fit into an entryway, a dining room, a living room, or nearly any other space that has a spare wall in need of filling. The fresh coat of clay paint on the furniture just makes it super playful (and perfect for enlivening an otherwise neutral space) without venturing into overly rustic territory.


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Hand painted, sloping chest of drawers that has been artistically reimagined into a sunken treasure, work of art. Made of wood, it has been given a faux steel finish with rust and patina for an aged effect around the hardware. Catalogue pulls/ tabs and hairpin legs give it a modern and industrial look. The front has old world images of maps and stormy sea scenes. It’s a bold and dynamic piece that is sure to make a statement anywhere it’s placed. 5 ample drawers provide for storage. Like a sunken chest on the bottom of the ocean, this unique dresser evokes crashing waves and stormy winds wreaking havoc upon ships lashed by the tempestuous sea. Perfect for a modern and industrial theme or nautical inspired room. It’s been transformed into a functional work of art. 10 D x 23 W x 47.25 H #eclatdesignsbycrystin #nauticalfurniture #bythesea #sunkentreasure #treasurechest #furnituremakeover #furnituretransformation

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Wall of wonder

Clay paint ideas usually center around furniture applications, but this stunning staging wall proves that clay paint can go on the wall, too. The look is typically moody and bold, with a matte finish that is a striking departure from the standard gloss or semi-gloss of most paint colors. Depending on color choice, the vibe can go anywhere from moody to bright to playful, and application can be as easy as using one color, rather than attempting an transfer on top of clay paint, look like this one.



Clay paint kitchen cabinets

Colorful kitchen cabinets are having a moment, and using clay paint instead of standard paint lends the final product a slightly more relaxed look and feel. Here, the look is almost modern farmhouse, with the emphasis more on modern than farmhouse; without the slight sheen of a typical paint finish, the kitchen feels lived in and casual.

Startling stairs

Trying some staircase decorating is always fun, and tackling the project with clay paint means the final look is a little more casual and playful. With clay paint being used for painting stairs the final look will be very different finish. The feel is a little farmhouse-y, but with darker colors and tile pattern stencil, the stairs look rather classic.

Clay painted-brick

Painted brick is still super popular, but it doesn’t always have to be white. Here, a matte clay paint blues and greys looks super modern—but not harsh—around a fireplace. The finish isn’t so out-of-place as to be jarring, but it does offer a striking focal point for the space.


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Ellen’s Fireplace! What a masterpiece! Even Ellen or I had no clue it would turn out this cool! This project started out with Ellen sending me pictures of her fireplace she needed to lighten and liven up to go with the rest of her freshly painted interior. A couple of days later, I brought these sample bricks over, which I painted with colors that seemed to match the vision she explained. She loved the colors. We set a date for the project that day. Originally, the plan was to paint all the bricks.. I didn’t want a transfixing pattern for the brick work. I wanted the bricks to still seem like bricks. I painted one color at a time, a brick here, a brick there, and filled in the space. There were some bricks I didn’t paint, yet and Ellen stopped me. She said she liked it just like it was. The few natural bricks we left complimented the room, which was painted a silvery blue and red. I’m so excited about how it turned out. Ellen has beautiful, interesting artwork all through out her house, most with really bold colors and imagery. Now she has an E.Hart original to add in with her collection!❤️❤️ @art_on_a_cookie #americanpaintcompany #chalkpaint #chalkpaintedfireplace #chalkpaintedbrick #paintedbrick #apcsmokesignal #apctarnishedplatter #apclimoges #apcgunpowder #updatedfireplace

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